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We Fix Stupid ComputersTM.com

Looking for refurbished computers ?  Check our Craigslist link up top.

Interested in recycling? We are too.  We recycle hundreds of pounds of your old technology stuff every year for free.  (We also make cool computer crafts.) Use the Etsy link up top to check them out.

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We are a full computer service, repair & IT support.  Serving Forest, Lynchburg, Bedford, and the surrounding areas since 1984.

Everybody’s got a stupid computer.  We’ll fix yours guaranteed, or work with you to transition to a new system.

We offer a FREE diagnostic* at our shop.  There is no charge until we call you.  Then you decide if you want it fixed.

Apple-logo1Not just PCs,
we also work on out of warranty
MacBooks, iMacs, iPads & iPhones and replace broken screens.
We integrate
Android tablets into existing networks and perform training  on mobile devices.

We do onsite business IT support.


If you feel lost in your existing technology, call us.

We can help you with your old or new equipment, we can help you make sense of it all, we are your technology triage unit.

Do your users need assistance or training?  No problem, we can help you document existing practices and sit down with your staff for personal one on one assistance.

ms_logoHome User Support
If you need assistance with home networking, Windows or Mac training, or general computer assistance, call our shop today to set up an appointment.



Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Mon – Fri Closed Saturdays & Holidays (434) 525-8590