megaphone“Thanks for the assist with the family laptop; it’s
greatly appreciated by my fifteen year old son.”

“Thanks so much.  I’ve got the address book opened in notebook and I’m really happy to have the e-mail addresses I had lost. Some would have been very difficult to find again…I appreciate your making them and getting the address book information extracted for me.”

“I’m LOVING the wireless fun!“

“I just wanted to say thanks for sending the CD.  Your directions were very easy to follow and I have successfully loaded my old emails.  I really appreciate all your help.”

“Thanks Colt.  You answered my question this morning.  I really appreciate your and Jon’s help.  You both have been terrific.”

“Thanks for coming out and connecting my router.”

“Thank you!  I appreciate your quick response.”

“Just wanted to let you know that all seems great with my computer and the  wireless…thanks for all the time and interest.”

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for the analysis and service.  As a small-business owner I know that ultimately all business is about relationships and service, and your great service just established another relationship.  My laptop wasn’t even repaired because it wasn’t cost-effective.  A fact your team made me aware of through their own recommendation.  I just really appreciate that and will surely look to recommend your group in the future.”

“As far as I can tell, everything works perfect. Thanks for the great job. I’ll be sure and use you folks for that networking of my computers as well as recommend you to others as the opportunity arises.”

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