Software Services

cd_caseFrom simple software installations to complex server operating system installations & configurations, we are here to help.

The following are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients with software services:

1. Backing up & reinstalling PC, Mac and Linux operating systems preserving all user data.

2. Migrating users from Windows XP to newer Windows versions including imaging workstation hard drives to save all data.

3. Transitioning customers from Windows to MAC, converting and transferring all data.

4. Installing & configuring Windows Server operating systems on servers and setting up workstation clients and data sharing.

5. Email conversion between Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird and other email clients.

6. Internet Service Provider configurations.

7. Quickbooks data sharing between workstations.

If you’ve got a question about anything to do with data conversion or recovery, give us a call.

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